25 เกมส์ แอคชั่น 2021 เกมใหม่มันๆ ทุกแพลตฟอร์ม รอเล่นเลย

25 action games 2021, new fun games for all platforms.

25 Games Action 2021 New games that will come out to welcome gamers on all platforms. on the computer PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One or Nintendo Switch Which will be available for download on Steam as always, today we have selected for fans of Action games, especially there will be only interesting games for the legs. Playable on consoles, full of action shooting and fighting games. by bringing together a tight procession Let friends have a checklist and learn the guidelines of the game. As for which game will be taken and loaded to play? It’s the duty of friends to make decisions. with some games already scheduled to be streamed Details are as follows:

25 game action 2021 Which game is cool and interesting?

What action games will there be in 2021? The team gathered together for free viewing. Guaranteed to have a game that is more or less pleasing to your friends. In order not to waste time to go and see each other

Horizon Forbidden West

It’s the game that just created the most-watched phenomenon at State of Play, with the creators guaranteeing that it plays on the PS4, looking good, of course. On the PS5, it’s full of Tempest 3D Audio, DualSense joysticks. The game can be played at 60fps without. Kuk, currently in the final experimental stageHorizon Forbidden West action game
Platform : PS4 , PS5
Release date: Q3-4, 2021

Official Website : https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/horizon-forbidden-west/

Halo Infinite

after postponing the launch date this year There has been a shift in the work of the team. After being attacked by the effect that came out earlier Causing the team to hurry up and promise to come out better than before It may not be the perfect size of high-end games, but it will be another fun game with cross-play and cross-progression support for all Xbox and PC players.
Halo Infinite Action Game
Platform : PC , XSX|S XBOX ONE
Release date: Q3-4, 2021

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart

action adventure game with various weapons It is simple but has interesting features that are not lost in other big games. Because it is a game launched during the Playstation5 period, it is probably the game that best irons the power of the game machine. Just hearing this is enough to imagine, right? That this year’s game, the 2021 game, must have the name of this game as a highlight that must be talked about without being surprised. Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart Action Game
Platform : PS5
Release date: Q3-4, 2021

The Day Before

An Open-World MMO survival game, players must do whatever it takes to survive. in order to continue living each day In the midst of survival is already difficult enough. but had to face another epidemic in an urban environment You don’t have to guess how great the calamity will be. If anyone likes exciting survival games This game must be ready to answer.
Action game The Day Before
Platform : PC
Release Date: To be announced later


Cool animal world action game That consists of hand-to-hand combat plus weapons. And there’s another story of magic involved. These 6 races of animal gangs that have to go on an adventure to fight from problems of frustration and epidemics in society who had to compete for space for their own race To be able to survive the next ten species
Biomutant Action Game
Platform : PC , PS4 , Xbox One
Release date : 25 May 2021

Dying light 2

Anyone who is waiting for this game and worried about postponing the launch several times We confirm that this year we can play for sure. Zombie city survival game that is still popular from both games and movies Therefore, there are people to encourage and play like crazy, with the second part of the game continuing from the first part for 15 years, with the C-Engine box system as a surprise in the game for the player.
Action game Dying light 2
Platform : PC , PS4 , Xbox Series X|S , Xbox One
Release Date : 2021

No More Heroes 3

A fencing (laser) action game that has been planned for many years. 2 years ago, the news was released. that the development team is ready in the original game page 3 There will be a boss boss with special powers. From combining the power of many famous rogues such as Thanos, Joker, Venom, in which the Nintendo console will use the system motion control to use again as well
No More Heroes 3 Action Game
Platform : Nintendo Switch
Release date : 27 August 2021

Monster Hunter Rise

monster hunting action Games that have been well received by Capcom can adjust the voiceover as needed. This sector will be popular again. because it has been talked about since its launch that makes the character design look attractive There is a Japanese theme for both heroes and monsters. I got the full old-fashioned ninja vibe.
Monster Hunter Rise Action Game
Platform : Nintendo Switch , PC
Release date: Switch 26 March 2021 PC Q1-2 2022

Severed Steel

First-person action shooter with unique features such as characters that are not like other games Including shooting action scenes and dodging different bullets, jumping, sliding along the wall. Makes shooting gamers feel fun to the next level Because it’s designed to be cool. Not monotonous with playing the same way, is another 2021 action game that is recommended by the add.
Severed Steel Action Game
Platform : PS4 , PC , XBOX ONE
Release Date: To be announced later

Bright Memory INFINITE

The ultimate action game Complete with swords, guns, moving forward, splashing blood The game reveals a steady stream of trailers. It can twitch the gamer’s glands exactly to the point. The price was previously released at 6.99 US, which is now officially close to birth. with freshly rebooted content ready to serve to friends
Bright Memory INFINITE
Platform : PS4 , PC , XBOX ONE , Dying light 2
Release Date: To be announced later

Far Cry 6

Latest famous games Which came out together as the 6th sector, can call the flow well, there is no fall for this game Wouldn’t be great, probably couldn’t be anymore because more than 12 development teams were gathered to update the game to be realistic. Including an interesting story, witty details, unlike normal games. It won’t be long before we get to play this game in its entirety together.
Far Cry 6 Action Game
Platform : PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S Amazon Luna Stadia
Release date: October 7, 2021


time travel killer Launched in March, the Action FPS game genre from Arkane studios has created many guaranteed works. A story game trapped in time loops. Timeline of the wild hunt Satisfied people who like to play bullet games. It’s realistic to use firearms. There is no reason for you to miss this level of games at all.
Deathloop action game
Platform : PC PS5
Release date: September 14, 2021

Chivalry 2 : Action Game

medieval war Has tried to give fans a beta test in the previous period When updating the content, there are 2 sides to hunt for power and compete for dominance. In which the player has to climb from a small rank of soldier to a general in battle with several playing modes to choose from Fun and fluid play
Action Games Chivalry 2 : Actiom Game
Platform : PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S
Release date: June 8, 2021

Back 4 Blood

Action / Co-op survival / shooter game genre similar to the famous Left 4 Dead game, which the arrival of this game is a good pass. It’s about the group that set up the armed forces. to get rid of the zombie army that thrives at that moment that plunges the world into ruin Causing the remaining 1% of humans to stand up and fight If not, then it will go extinct on its own.
Back 4 Blood action game
Platform : PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S
Release date: October 12, 2021

Evil West

Eastern themed hero co-op action game Cowboy chasing the devil It’s like Van Helsing hunts vampires. But in the body of a wild cowboy. There is a device to choose to attack the demons in the best possible way. with playing skills that can be used according to the situation Play to kill time or vent. Guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Absolutely full of surprises
Evil West action game
Platform : PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S
Release Date: To be announced later

Atomic Heart

The FBS game is terrifying and terrifying. Sci-fi action, mysterious place, abandoned that has been tried in the past rubber is a mystery create a void for the player and bring the emotions together with the game as well In the game it will be as if we were in World War 2 in Russia. who has a mission to do to find out the truth and make yourself learn the situation to survive and continue to be safe
Atomic Heart Action Game
Platform : PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S
Release Date: To be announced later

Games Action 2021 Tales of Arise

Game Action 2021 Japanese style. Both characters, clothes, face, hair It’s called appealing to anime fans. But the game is not as childish as you think. It’s appropriate to have a concise story. to suit modern games That enhances the current game as well JRPG disciples who like new experiences should not miss The game is beautiful and fun to play, expected to be bang for sure
Tales of Arise Action Game
Platform : PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S
Release date: September 10, 2021

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

Action dungeon crawling games are still popular. Playing alone or with friends is just as fun. The game supports online play only. Recommended to play with friends to get more fantasy. The picture is extremely realistic. It is a premium game. Nice to play since the clip was released.
Action Games Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance
Platform : PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S
Release date: June 22, 2021


Action Game, a quality game from Bandai Namco and Tose Software, just released a test game. I knew right away that this game was definitely not going to be popular. Fans who like role-playing games are waiting for you. To the extent that there is a topic requesting to do the next part, wait immediately Really impatient, game fans nowadays
Platform : PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S
Release date: 25 release date 2021

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

The sequel to the co-op action game that has added an RPG to the intensity, diving according to the title of the region like Darktide, the brutality of the game is a one-on-one fight. There will still be complete as in the past part. The ranged attack will play a greater role in this sector. There are many fans waiting to be loaded. Therefore, it is another game that should not be missed this year.
Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Action Game
Platform : PC XSX|S
Release Date : 2021

V Rising

vampire survival game A clear character game for Dark Fantasy that will bring friends into the world of imagination. by being a full-fledged vampire must continue to survive By turning these humans into our followers. Including still looking for blood to use in sustaining life Play both PvP and PvE according to the mode you like.
Action game V Rising
Platform : PC
Release Date: To be announced later

The Ascent

The cyberpunk action game The Ascent, designed as a co-op and RPG gameplay, is a game that focuses on clearing everything in its path. The journey of the future world that comes to a dark point You can also choose to play Solo alone. Therefore suitable for everyone to play alone in their free time. or play online with friends as well
Action game V Rising
Platform : PC XBOX ONE XSX|S
Release Date : 2021

Naraka Bladepoint

fighting action game Ninja – the fighter Duel in the age of battle that focuses on melee combat Plus each other in a way that their faces are not afraid of each other in any way. It is a struggle to fight from various fighters. who do not know who will be good or evil Each hero has unique skills that hide themselves differently. Guaranteed to meet with boiling water. This work cannot be fought back because of the dignity that supports the neck.
Action game Naraka Bladepoint
Platform : PC
Release date: Q3 2021

Necromunda: Hired Gun

A first-person action game set in the future. Filled with war and many strange-looking weapons. There is a stratification of the group of people. resulting in rebellion against each other until a great battle had to happen Significant for all stellar life make this violence It will be a summary of who will win this star in the end.
Necromunda: Hired Gun Action Game
Platform : PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S 0
Release date: June 1, 2021

Samurai Warriors 5

Action game samurai 2021 continues the latest legendary game shelf. A game that focuses on chasing and killing. with the famous Japanese samurai sword There is a story that has been reworked to fit the present, more modern. Information and graphics that you can’t find anywhere else in samurai games. The joy that thrusts the teeth is so satisfying that it doesn’t change at all.
Action game Samurai Warriors 5
Platform : PC PS4 Xbox One Switch
Release date: July 27, 2021

25 Games Action 2021 Let’s get it all together. Appease wading legs who like excitement Can find to play for sure this year which some games have already been released to stream But some games are not yet time. which may be inaccurate or postponed for another date Due to the COVID situation that is spreading May you all have fun playing games. and don’t forget to take care of yourself By washing your hands and wearing a mask when you go out too.

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